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Sugar Land knows a well-educated and highly trained workforce is crucial when selecting where to locate your business. Sugar Land already has the highest educational attainment in the region with over 60% of its residents having bachelor’s, graduate or professional degrees. But we are always learning, it’s required in many occupations. If you need to develop a workforce training program there are many resources and Texas workforce training classes available for your company in and around Sugar Land and Fort Bend County.

We are committed to developing a working partnership with your business by assessing and assisting you with your workforce needs.


Texas Skills Development Fund

Employers are always looking to attain the highest level of trained and educated candidates in the area to fill jobs in Sugar Land. To help achieve this, the Texas Skills Development Fund is available. This is the States' premier job–training program providing training dollars for Texas businesses and workers. Administered by the Texas Workforce Commission, success is achieved through collaboration among businesses, public community and technical colleges, local workforce development boards and economic development partners.

The City of Sugar Land Economic Development staff will assist your company with applying for this program and will serve as a liaison between the company, the local college that develops the program and the Texas Workforce Commission which coordinates and oversees the funding.

In just 2019 the Texas Workforce Commission through the Skills Development Fund:

  • Awarded 38 Skills Development Fund grants totaling $19,239,852

  • Served 72 Texas businesses

  • Supported the creation of 3,568 new jobs in Texas

  • Upgraded the skills of 9,115 workers in existing Texas jobs

There is a Skills for Small Business Program (part of the Texas Workforce Commission) specifically designed to assist the training needs of businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

Training Programs

UH Workforce Development Program

The University of Houston has a Workforce Development program, specifically, under The Center for Life Sciences Technology which is funded by the Texas Workforce Commission. UH provides ongoing training courses for professionals in the life sciences technology field, as well as providing outreach and educational programs for those seeking to enter the field. Additionally, as part of the service to the professional life sciences community, UH offers resources in this section concerning jobs and career development, including an online calendar of seminars and training for biotech professionals, standard job descriptions for those looking to enter the field, actual job listings and a list of biotech companies doing business in Texas. One Sugar Land company that has taken advantage of the University of Houston program is Bluebonnet Nutrition.

Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions has a program that assists with On-the-Job Training with a 50% financial reimbursement to the employer for training time. These Texas workforce training classes have helped benefit those looking to upgrade and improve their skills in a tremendous, long-term way.

Texas State Technical College

Texas State Technical College (TSTC) has a branch in Fort Bend County only a short drive from Sugar Land, providing technical training in numerous areas.

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