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Hope Biosciences

The biotechnology industry in the Houston area is growing, with Hope Biosciences LLC driving innovations. Hope Biosciences was founded in 2016 by Donna Chang with a mission to deliver a safe, effective and affordable method of restoring patients’ bodies to their former health.  

Shaping the Future of Medical Treatment 

In 2021, Hope Biosciences became the first biotechnology company in the U.S. to receive FDA approval for an innovative treatment of long Covid. The company witnessed positive results during the initial three-and-a-half-month clinical trial and continues to evaluate the effectiveness of the medical treatment. The company’s long Covid trials remain the only studies of their kind in the world.  

The biotechnology company’s nonprofit arm, Hope Biosciences Stem Cell Research Foundation (HBSCRF), is also committed to meeting the needs for the medical treatments of underserved populations. In 2021, HBSCRF began utilizing FDA-authorized virtual trials to reach those unable to travel due to the nature of their disease or injury.  

Sugar Land life sciences companies like Hope Biosciences have access to a cost-effective pipeline of technically and professionally skilled labor and local higher education offers a large talent pool of graduates with life sciences degrees. The University of Houston’s College of Natural Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degree options in biology and biochemistry and Rice University has courses in biochemistry, cell biology and genetics.  

Additionally, Sugar Land is only half an hour from the Texas Medical Center— the largest medical center in the world.  

The First of Many  

Chang remains optimistic about the future of life sciences in Sugar Land and strives to progress the city as an innovative bioscience hub. She speaks regularly at universities throughout the region like Rice University and is a regular contributor at Sugar Land’s many life science events like the annual Texas Life Science Forum, hosted by the Rice Alliance and BioHouston

Hope Biosciences’ long-haul Covid treatment is just one of 21 FDA-approved clinical trials across 12 disease areas, including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. HBSCRF also received the administration’s consent to begin Phase II trials for a new treatment of Parkinson’s disease. 

In Sugar Land, Chang and Hope Biosciences continue to explore the promise of these treatments, with the intent to produce the first FDA-approved product in the next decade.  


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