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Are you carrying out site selection in Texas? Consider Sugar Land, an optimal location for business in Texas. The city is a well-connected economic development hotspot boasting location factors like a highly-skilled workforce, ongoing capital investment, and unique local incentives.   

Located 20 minutes southwest of downtown Houston, Sugar Land has all the advantages of the 4th largest city in the United States but has developed its own distinct identity. Balancing urban lifestyle amenities with warm hospitality, Sugar Land boasts enviable access to a network of major highways, airports, ports and rail lines, which allows businesses to transport goods quickly for efficient supply chain management.  

One of the best cities for business in Texas, Sugar Land's attractive business climate offers corporate site selection decision-makers and company stakeholders advantageous economic incentive programs and affordable operating costs. Different local economic development organizations are also available to provide dedicated support and assist in your site selection process. 

Beyond the corporate location decision-making process, Sugar Land is here to help set your business up for success with a wealth of resources to assist your financial planning, business licensing, investments and business operations. 

Whether you’re a tech startup looking for your new corporate location or a global name focused on opening a new facility, you can qualify for a range of financial incentives such as funding, real estate property tax rates and certain tax credits and exemptions. For example, the state-run Texas Enterprise Fund awards grants to projects that contribute significant capital investment within the region. Qualifying local businesses can also apply for property tax abatement or apply for cash grants from the Sugar Land Development Corporation.   

Sugar Land has robust utilities and services infrastructure to support businesses, making it a top choice for corporate site selection in Texas and North America. Businesses can use the Citizen Self-Service (CSS) web portal to apply for, submit, and access all permits and paperwork in one central location. Besides its logistical advantages, the city also has an advanced telecommunications infrastructure. Sugar Land’s fiber optic network makes high-speed internet standard, while AT&T provides and maintains the communications infrastructure. Our commercial property search tool, can help site selectors with their location analysis of our area. 

A Developing Innovation Hub

In Sugar Land, local government, public entities, and private businesses share a common purpose – encouraging innovation and economic development. A top startup city, Sugar Land boasts corporate headquarters and top companies in sectors as diverse as healthcare, retail, information technology, energy, finance and advanced manufacturing. Major employers include Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Schlumberger and Accredo Packaging, while Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sysco and Phillips 66 are based in nearby Houston. Sugar Land’s business-friendly environment, corporate site selection incentives and low taxes create an environment conducive to long-term business growth and expansion.  

Diverse Communities

Sugar Land is known for its diverse talent pool and vibrant community. People are attracted by the affordable cost of living and employment opportunities that are unattainable in expensive cities. Subsequently, local employers have access to a substantial population of highly skilled workers, with 63% of residents educated to the bachelor’s degree level or higher. Sugar Land also has an outstanding selection of schools and medical facilities, contributing to a quality of life that enables families to flourish, professionals to advance and employers to expand and be successful.  The city is home to a dynamic life sciences labor market. 

Thriving Local Economy

Sugar Land is one of the fastest-growing suburbs of the nation. Between 2015 and 2020, job growth in Sugar Land was four times the national rate of growth and 50% greater than the overall growth rate of Greater Houston.  

According to JobsEQ, the healthcare sector is the biggest local employer (12,687 workers), and it continues to see steady growth, alongside professional, scientific and technical services. Biomedical, Research, Professional Services, and Software/IT industries have posted employment gains of at least 25% in Sugar Land since 2015.  

Sugar Land offers the combination of a highly educated labor force, appealing financial incentives, a thriving local economy and capital investment from national and global brands. Selecting Sugar Land is one of the best site selection decisions you can make for your business’s needs and bottom line.  

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