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Sugar Land is part of the Houston Metroplex, yet the city is home to some of the top 100 businesses headquartered in Texas, and five companies that are part Fortune 500’s top 30. With a highly educated and globally diverse population, there is a long list of companies in Sugar Land, TX that are growing and thriving. Sugar Land also has a diverse number of business sectors represented from medical to manufacturing, high-tech to biotech, engineering to insurance and much more. 

In Sugar Land, companies offer products and services in a range of industries. This includes businesses as diverse as the energy industry to digital solutions for the modern age. We are proud of our Fortune 500 companies and have a range of services to help expand and grow our local businesses. Sugar Land is also home to supply chain services companies, available to help businesses reduce operating costs and reach new markets. 

The top companies in Houston nearby are some of the most successful in North America, which market and distribute to over 120 countries. Among them are Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sysco, Phillips 66, and more. Each top company operates in an advantageous business climate, with incentives and financing available in Sugar Land to assist business expansion. 

From the large corporations in Houston to the mom-and-pop retail stores, Sugar Land has it all and welcomes more. Check out our top and largest employers here in Sugar Land: 

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