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Expansion & Relocation

Sugar Land is a popular, planned community with many highly successful businesses! Whether your company already has some presence here and needs to grow, or is looking to expand in general, there’s room in Sugar Land.

Recent Expansion Projects

Accredo Packaging

$55.5 million Capital Investment
175 New Jobs / 350 Jobs Retained

Nalco Champion HQ Expansion (now Champion X)

$45.4 million Capital Investment
862 New Jobs / 247 Recaptured Jobs

Applied Optoelectronics HQ Expansion

$39 million Capital Investment
530 New Jobs / 257 Retained Jobs

HCSS (Heavy Construction Systems Specialists) Phase 3 Expansion

$12 million Capital Investment
200 New Jobs

Team Industrial HQ Expansion

113 New Jobs / 142 Retained Jobs 

ABM Relocation

390 New Jobs

Small Business

Are you a small business or company looking to relocate to the Houston region?  

Small businesses are the economic backbone of any community, and we love small businesses in Sugar Land just as much as large corporations. If you’re looking to grow your restaurant business, open a super chic fashion store, sell unique hand-crafted goods, or open any other business, the Sugar Land Office of Economic Development can help! We’ll assist you with finding the right location and the resources to get your business up and running in a timely fashion. 

The Sugar Land Office of Economic Development is happy to assist you with relocation, expansion or whatever your business needs to thrive, as doing business in Texas is our passion. This may include site visits, meetings with key city officials, assistance with permitting and access to resources. When businesses come to Sugar Land, they stay and expand here because of the nurturing business environment, high quality of life and our active support of relocation or expansion needs.  

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