Great Homes

Great Homes


The purpose and intent of Great Homes is to empower Sugar Land's residents and communities to participate with the City in preserving, protecting, and enhancing Sugar Land's single-family housing and neighborhood areas.


Under Great Homes, the City offers incentive programs for homeowners with a property located in the city limits:

  • The Great Homes Design Program provides Sugar Land homeowners and homeowner associations (HOAs) with a creative, re-envisioned exterior home design at a Sugar Land-exclusive cost. An incentive is also available for homeowners who substantially implement part of the design received through this program.

  • The Great Homes Update Program is a reimbursement incentive program to encourage the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the exterior of a single-family residential property.

Program Brochure

If you have any questions about the program, please email or call 281-275-2599. In-person consultations are available during working hours on Tuesday through Thursday and can be requested via email.

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