Local Incentive

Tax Abatement


Qualifying businesses relocating in Sugar Land can apply for a property tax abatement based on the economic value of a project. Tax abatements are available from the City of Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, and other jurisdictions, as applicable. 

Projects seeking tax abatement may contact the City of Sugar Land to determine eligibility.  Following qualification, formal applications for abatement are processed through the City of Sugar Land's Office of Economic Development.  Abatement terms are up to 10 years and the amount ranges up to 100% of real and personal property annually.

In order to encourage new green development, the City of Sugar Land offers a LEED Tax Abatement incentive.  This program is available to projects that qualify for the City's standard  tax abatement and become LEED certified.  The incentive provides a 100% abatement on the incremental cost of incorporating LEED improvements.


  • Minimum Value Added to Tax Rolls: $4 million „ Percent of Abatement Guided by a Tiered Structure

  • Duration: Maximum of 10 years

  • LEED Abatements: Minimum of $100k in Value

  • Basic: 1% „ Gold: 5% Silver: 2.5% „ Platinum: 10%

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