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Nov 2022

Sugar Land Launches Competitive Incentive Program to Retain Business Headquarters

Sugar Land, Texas – On November 1, 2022, the City of Sugar Land announced a new incentive program, approving a resolution to adopt a policy granting a Texas business incentive for the retention of Sugar Land office headquarters. Approved in a unanimous 6-0 vote, on Tuesday evening, the incentive program provides $6,000 per job for qualified businesses to retain office headquarters in Sugar Land.  

“Retaining office headquarters is key to maintaining high-paying jobs in Sugar Land,” said Elizabeth Huff, Economic Development Director for the City of Sugar Land. “Our new incentive program ensures we maintain our office headquarter locations during this highly competitive office market and hopefully grow those high-quality job opportunities in our community.”

To qualify for the new incentive program, office headquarters must retain at least 50 primary jobs and renew the existing lease for five to ten years within the city limits. The program also requires a minimum of $1 million capital investment to be allocated toward build out or office improvements.  

The new incentive program enables Sugar Land to retain companies in the highly competitive and fast-growing Houston Region.” said Sugar Land Mayor Joe R. Zimmerman.  “The new program allows us to target existing companies and selected industries in order to demonstrate our level of commitment and partnership to our business community.”

For more information about Sugar Land’s new incentive program, please contact Alba Peñate-Johnson, Senior Business Development Manager at (281) 740-2695.  Learn more about SLTX's other business and professional services here.

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