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What makes Sugar Land one of the most diverse cities in Texas? 

Sugar Land is home to over 120,000 unique individuals and is comprised of one of the most diverse populations in the area. But what makes Sugar Land one of the most diverse cities in Texas? 

The Lifestyle

Sugar Land's cultural diversity starts with the unique lifestyle only available here. Whether you enjoy the nightlife, the outdoors, sports or local shopping, you'll find it here. Sugar Land, Texas is ranked one of the most ethnically diverse, so there is always something new to see or explore.  

The Education 

Sugar Land is home to high-quality education that attracts new families and businesses. From elementary to high school and beyond, Fort Bend County is highly rated and home to a diverse student body with over 90 spoken languages.  

The Business Climate 

Sugar Land has positioned itself as one of the most attractive cities to build or expand business. A business-friendly tax structure has brought companies from a variety of industries to the area. Manufacturing, biotech, financial and manufacturing businesses are all at home in the area. 

The Facts 

The region has been rated 71.2 on the diversity index, beating out the US average of 61.1 by over 10 points. You'll find economic diversity, a strong education system and a variety of companies that attract people of all demographics.  

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