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Jun 2021

Sugar Land Named Most Business-Ready City in the Nation

Sugar Land, TX – Sugar Land recently landed the top spot in “The 15 Most Ambitious U.S. Cities” list – an award that recognizes the best business-savvy cities in the nation.

According to Verizon Business Ready, the heart of the American entrepreneurial spirit takes root in cities like Sugar Land. 

“Americans have always been known as industrious, hard-working and unafraid to take risks, but some cities (are) hustling a bit harder than others,” according to details included in the announcement. “Landing the coveted top position on our list, business owners in (in Sugar Land) know a thing or two about doing it bigger.”

Sugar Land’s mean household income of $157,923 and an unemployment rate of only 3 percent were cited as examples of a city founded on the principles of prosperity and commerce. 

Sugar Land’s selection over other finalists such as Frisco, Texas, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Coral Springs, Florida, was based on factors such as mean income, unemployment rates, people with a bachelor’s degree or higher, number of business applications, percent of population that starts a new business and home ownership.

“We are excited with this most recent recognition of Sugar Land as a regional business leader and a center of economic prosperity. It’s proof that our proactive efforts ensure a strong economy, support quality services for our residents and allow our city to maintain the second lowest tax rate in the state among cities of similar size.”
Elizabeth Huff, Director of Economic Development

Recent examples included city programs like Sweet Cash and the #AllInForSLTX campaign to support local businesses and frontline workers who were impacted by COVID-19.  The programs and other events like Sugar Land’s outdoor movie series leveraged public and private dollars and infused more than a half million into Sugar Land’s economy. These unique business opportunities in Texas investment into the local economy continues to grow as public participation in the programs continues to increase.

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