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The Rouxpour Brings NOLA Cuisine to New Heights in Sugar Land

One of Sugar Land’s biggest draws is its unique culinary scene, with plenty of authentic options that reflect its diverse community – here, 60% of residents identify as a minority race. Small and family-run restaurants from all parts of the world thrive in Sugar Land, thanks in large part to the city’s supportive business environment – and that’s just the case for local favorite The Rouxpour.  

New Orleans to Sugar Land 

Specializing in authentic New Orleans cuisine, The Rouxpour brought a taste of the Big Easy to the greater Houston area since opening its flagship location in the Sugar Land Town Square in 2010. Their name, a play on the word “rapport,” combines "roux,” the traditional base of Cajun dishes, with “pour” in the spirit of sharing a drink together and building lasting relationships. The restaurant’s welcoming philosophy, combined with an ambitious menu of award-winning gumbo and NOLA classics, has garnered them a loyal following and a reputation as one of the staples of the Sugar Land community. Since launching its first restaurant, The Rouxpour added three more locations and expanded its Sugar Land site twice, most recently with the help of the City of Sugar Land. 

Thriving in Sugar Land 

In 2021, the Sugar Land Office of Economic Development (SLOED) launched the Request for Placemaking program, an initiative aimed at revitalizing local businesses by providing funding for projects intended to energize the community. Through the program, SLOED granted $75,000 to The Rouxpour to increase outdoor dining capacity at its Sugar Land location.

In tandem with that support, real estate company Rebees contributed $1 million to The Rouxpour’s expansion, resulting in a total of 2,200 added square feet. Since completing its expansion, The Rouxpour now boasts one of the largest seating capacities in SLTX, with 515 seats and a total of 8,800 square feet servicing the community. Continuous investments into their Sugar Land site have made it their most popular franchise, garnering the most foot traffic of their four locations. With plans to add yet another Houston-area location to the mix, The Rouxpour is surely one of the biggest success stories of the Sugar Land community.  

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